Our team

Yves Koenig

Master organ builder since 1977, President of the company, he has dedicated himself to the business since 1968. He handles restoration studies, design of new instruments, voicing and tuning.

Huguette Koenig

Daughter of the master organ builder René Schwartz, she holds a master's degree in business management. She takes care of accountancy, business and office management since 1981.

Eric Ernst

He has passed a vocational certificate of organ building and pipe maker. Trained by Gaston Kern in Hattmatt, he stayed in the same firm for 31 years. There he took care of the pipes' restoration for Ebersmunster and Wissembourg organs and the pipes' construction for Villingen organ, following the Silbermann's precepts.
He joined our team in 2015 and manages works on pipes and maintenance on instruments.

Mathieu Lichty

He has passed a vocational certificate of organ building and pipe maker and he holds a professional diploma from the applied art and crafts school ateliers d’art Walser as a heritage furniture restorer. He entered the manufacture in 1996 and carries out joinery and pipework tasks.

Jérôme Maillet

Master carpenter, former "Compagnon du Tour de France" journeyman, he holds a vocational certificate of organ builder. He has been working for the company from 1991 and he especially ensures casework and mechanical works.

Julien Marchal

Trained journeyman by the "Compagnons du Tour de France", he has subsequently passed a vocational certificate and a professional degree in joinery, he has also learnt harmony. He has been involved in the manufacture since 2008 and handles activities such as mechanical action, pipework, voicing and tuning.
He is also the tenured organist of Hesse abbey church and he will be called upon to take the reins of the manufacture.

Stéphane Picq

After a two-year diploma in electrical engineering and industrial computing, Stéphane Picq was trained to organ building in our workshop. He currently works on the electrical and electronic parts of the instruments. He entered the manufacture in 2018 after a career in the musical media.

Freddy Risser

Holding a vocational certificate of cabinet maker and organ builder, he is also alumnus of the cabinet maker graduate school of Avignon. He has been working in the company since 1990 and deals with mechanical action, ornamentation and gilt works.

Roland Weiss

Holding a vocational certificate of organ builder and pipe maker, he has been working in the company since 1992 and manages works on electric or pneumatic action, pipework and voicing. He is also responsible for the maintenance and tuning of some two hundred instruments under service contracts.